Afrormosia (Pericopsis angolensis / elata)


Family - Leguminosae
Distribution - Ivory Coast, Ghana and Zaire and Nigeria.
Other Names: Ormosia angolensis, Afrormosia angolensis, Chianga, Chiwanga, Mbanga, Mmanga, Muanga, Mubamku, Muvanga, Muwanga, Mwanga, Umbanga, Kokrodua, Assamela
Characteristics: Afrormosia is yellow-brown to brown and has some resemblance to teak but with a finer texture, and lacking the oily nature of teak. The grain is straight to interlocked, and the wood weighs about 710 kg/m3 when dried. It is a strong wood and very stable in use, and is superior to teak in most of its mechanical properties.
Working Qualities: The wood works well with only a slight tendency to pick up.  It can be glued and polished satisfactorily, but tends to split when nailed.
Uses: Afrormosia can be used as an alternative to teak where a strong, stable and durable wood is required. It is used for furniture, high-class joinery, flooring, boat building and shop-fitting.

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